Skill Up Initiative

Skill Up Initiative is a nonprofit initiative that leverages technology to empower the youth and small businesses through skill (personal & professional) acquisition in order to help them grow their businesses and contribute to economic growth in Nigeria.

The world’s economy has been hardly hit by the pandemic. In view of this, the Skill Up Initiative, a CSR of Sea Bonito Ltd has come up with the initiative to provide relevant SOFT and DIGITAL skills Online to help small businesses put proper structure in their business and position themselves for growth.


We had a 6-week online skill acquisition webinar from August to September 2020, with over 300 participants and 15 carefully selected professional facilitators.

15 Soft Skills for Business Growth
15 Facilitators
Over 300 Participants

The knowledge-sharing sessions organized last year were hosted on the ZOOM for 6 weeks.


The webinar had 15 facilitators who taught from their wealth of knowledge and experience. We had about 300 participants who have testified on how insightful the sessions were. In view of this, we decided to make a replay of the 15 sessions available to more small business owners who desire to grow their businesses. The video courses include the necessary soft and hard skills required by small business owners to empower themselves for self-sufficiency, impactful entrepreneurship, and subsequently to drive economic growth in Nigeria.


The skillup initiative has before now created several avenues and platforms for youths to learn event design helping about 50 aspiring entrepreneurs start off in the Event industry. However, in light of the current economic upheaval brought on by the pandemic, it has become necessary for the initiative to expand its reach/impact by teaching soft skills virtually to tackle the challenges of skill gaps identified for successful entrepreneurship.


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