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Blended Course Delivery:
Learning Design

Need analysis

Scoping Plan

Evaluation Strategy

Learning Experience Design

LearnDash LMS Customization and Configuration

Lesson Plans

Tracking and Reporting

Interactive Multimedia Course:
eLearning DesignInteractive

Content Plan
Screen Plan

Learning Experience Design

ELearning Development

Bootcamp Experience Design

Need Analysis

Learning Outcomes

Learning Project Planning & Management

Evaluation Strategies

Subject Matter Experts coordination

Learning Experience Design

Content Development

Communication Strategies

Notification Messages and Reminders

Tutor LMS Pro Administration


Forum Moderation

Tracking and reporting

Learning Data Storytelling

LMS Administration

IMC suite learning experience system
LearnDash LMS

Tutor LMS Pro

Notification messages

System configuration

System text customization

Evaluation Strategies

Tracking and reporting

Digital Learning Design Bootcamp

Cohort-based Bootcamp

Community Building

Event management


Learning workshops